Summer Rocks!

Hey guys!

Summer… everyone loves summer… cuz it’s a holiday… at least most of the people i know… i guess…
Summer is my favorite holiday, just because it’s long… and i get to… err… have fun more?
Anyways, do you guys like summer or some other holiday? Hey, check out this photo! summer-comments-99

Summer!! =)

imagesHey!! Summer is coming! As you know, a lot of people are going to go on vacations, cruises, and stuff like that. I will be going to Canada, Toronto, with my friend, Eagle13! Even though I’m going to be on vacation, I’ll keep you guys updated!

Have an awesome summer! XD Daredevil 15canada-flag

Blog Awards!!

These are the blogs I gave awards to: – She has an awesome blog, and she has lots of cool posts! – She has really cool posts and they are really interesting! – She has a really cool blog, and lots of songs!


Summative Exam!!! =)

Yesterday, we had our summative exam, I was so scared!! Our exam was about the human body, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the excretory system, the endocrine system, the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, the immune system, and all the other things in your body, like the heart, the brain, the eye and the ear, your skin, and some joints. I didn’t really know some answers, so I guessed some. I was so freaked out after! I think I did a pretty good job, because I could answer all the questions, so, yeah. I was real stressed when I was studying and right before the exam. I had to study for 10 whole units, not including the immune system. It was so freaky!

My Totally Awesome year in Grade 5!!

I had an awesome year in grade 5, I made lots of new friends, and I had a lot of fun!! We had lots of field trips, like to the Museum of Coastal Defense, Dig Day (singing on the bus!), sports day, and the Alan Dick Memorial Walk! One of my favourite activities was going to camp at Cheung Chau, it was so fun! I liked going to the Cheung Po Tsai cave most at camp. I also liked Art Jam, it was so fun! I think I liked everything that happened in grade 5 this year! I hope you guys had a great school year!

Sharkwater =)

This is the Sharkwater movie, part 1-9. Enjoy!! =) (if you don’t want to watch the movie, read the facts, and tell your parents and friends, too!)

facts… p.s. Thank You Daredevil 26 for the facts, and the links to the movie! =)

– It’s not ESSENTIAL to have shark fin soup – or buy shark-made products!
– more 15,000 sharks are killed in 2 hours
– I’m serious – sharks don’t kill, bite or try to harm humans in any way (unless you attack it)
– ONLY 5 people are killed each year from sharks – and not because the shark ate them, but because of lack of blood and drowning, while 100 people are killed by elephants and tigers, 2,400 from execution, 22,000 from illegal drugs, 1,200,000 from road accidents, 8,000,000 from starvation… HMMM?
– sharks are endangered.. and were the first animals EVER on earth
– movies like “Jaws” are not REAL! Sharks are actually quite social creatures, but are shy
– people always make “Save the Dogs and Cats”/”Save the wild pandas”, because they’re “cuddly” and “cute”… but no one has ever cared or even looked twice at sharks …
– sharks have the right to live on earth (and not be killed)
– humans have been greedy and selfish, and kill sharks just for their own money
– sharks have all their fins cut off, then thrown back into the sea to bleed to death or get eaten by other fish…
– (some) humans are even killing whale sharks, the largest FISH in the oceans, and is completely harmless because it eats plankton (microscopic plants) and have no teeth at all!
– a human thought that sharks had some magical powers to heal themselves… yeah, right…
– a human thought that sharks are fierce, vicious, bloody, evil …. but they’re scientifically proven not! Rob Stewarts, the main character of Sharkwater and producer has been swimming with sharks – even being in contact with them all his life, and he hasn’t been bitten or close to attack ONCE (watch Sharkwater to find out)
– sharks are an important part of the food chain because they eat the fish who eat plankton. Without the sharks, the fish which eat the plankton will keep producing more and more, which makes them eat all the plankton. Plankton provide the oxygen that humans need! So without sharks, the whole food chain will be ruined… until it reaches US, humans as well